Creating a new project

CodeLobster IDE can create new framework-specific applications for you, set up their structure, and download the required packages, if necessary.

You can use your existing project in CodeLobster IDE, specify project location (click the Browse button) and enter a name for your project.


Also, a new project could be created from an existing folder. CodeLobster IDE automatically creates project files and open it: select File | Open Folder main menu item and specify the folder.

To create a new project:

  1. Select the Project | Create Project... (or File | New | Project...) main menu item.


    Choose Plugin | <Necessary plugin> | Create project main menu item.

  2. Specify project name and location

  3. Check the Create project in a new folder checkbox if necessary (when checked, the new project is created in a separate folder with the project name)

  4. Click the OK button.