Download and upload project files

CodeLobster IDE provides the following main ways to upload project files and folders to deployment FTP/SFTP servers.

You can upload your project files manually or automatically when you save it. When you leave CodeLobster IDE and go back in, you should automatically see opened FTP/SFTP files you were last working with loaded. When IDE starts, it can update your files from FTP/SFTP before opening.

Uploading project files

To manually upload project files:

  • Choose the Project | Upload main menu item

  • In Project window click the Upload button or use the right-click context menu:

  • Press Alt + Shift + U hotkeys.

An ask dialog will prompts you to overwrite local files, if any.


You can turn on Upload files on save option in Project properties, to upload files when you save it.

Downloading project

To manually download project files:

  • Choose the Project | Download main menu item.

  • In the Project window click the Download button or the use project right-click context menu.

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + U hotkeys.


To automatically update files from FTP/SFTP as a startup, you should check this option in FTP/SFTP configure dialog.

The Output window displays the FTP/SFTP connection status. To show it, select View | Panels | Output main menu item.