Editor Settings

You can specify the font family, size, and weight to use in the text mode of the Editor:



Show line numbers

When selected, displays the line numbers 123 that placed to the left of the code.

Word wrap

When selected, displays all lines whole regardless of their length - the line breakpoints sign with the Word Wrap symbol.

Highlight active line

When selected, highlights the active line with.

Show indent guides

When selected, displays the line that are placed to the left of the code.

Highlight read only text

When selected, highlights the read only text with.

Enable smart highlighting

If you select a piece of text, Smart Highlighting will color all matching pieces of text.

Auto fill

Select to automatically closed tags, bracket ,and quotes.

Auto indent

When selected, the indent is being automatically inserted:

  • in the beginning of every new line and indent's value is equal to the value of indent lying in the beginning of previous line at that;

  • in the beginning of the new line within the paired objects such as opening and closing tags, braces, etc.

Auto format

If this option is selected, CodeLobster IDE automatically formats code when you copy or paste it.

Show line breaks

When selected, displays the Line Break symbols.

Use Shift + Backspace as single Backspace

When selected, use Shift + Backspace combination as a single backspace.

Show tabs and spaces

When selected, you can view hidden characters: all tabs and spaces.

Tab size

Here you can specify the number of symbols by which the caret must be shifted to the right after the Tab button is pressed.

Use spaces instead tab

When selected, spaces are being printed instead of tab symbol after the Tab button is pressed. In this case, the number of spaces depends on the Tab size value.

Code folding

When selected, you can fold or unfold regions in code.


To restore settings to their default values, press the Default button.