Meet CodeLobster IDE

Welcome to CodeLobster IDE help!

CodeLobster IDE is an Integrated Environment for web developers. CodeLobster IDE provides rich functionality for working with popular web technologies HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript and PHP, working with version control (Git), SQL. The main feature - plugins for CMS and frameworks: Angular TS, Angular JS, Backbone JS, Bootstrap, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Drupal, Ember JS, Emmet (Zen Coding), Joomla, JQuery, Laravel, Magento, Meteor JS, Phalcon, Smarty, Symfony, Twig, VueJS, WordPress, Yii.

CodeLobster IDE brings you the following advanced features:

For beginners

If you are completely new to CodeLobster IDE, learn how to Install CodeLobster IDE.

To learn about the CodeLobster IDE, take a guided tour: Overview of the user interface and Editor parts will tell you everything you need to know about UI elements.

For advanced users

For those who want to learn more about CodeLobster IDE, the topics in the Development environment part provides information about creating projects, configuring their structure, using Git, MySql manager, and so on. Debugging with CodeLobster IDE section provides a tutorial that will help you get started with debugging in CodeLobster IDE. Languages and Plugins parts bring your experience of working with web technologies to a new level of comfort.

Finally, the part Getting Help tells about using help topics, applying to support service, reporting issues, and sharing your feedback.